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Walt Kelly's Pogo: The Complete Dell Comics | Vol. 2

Walt Kelly's Pogo, acknowledged as one of the most important and influential comic strips of all time, first appeared not in newspapers, but as a feature in the Dell comic book anthology Animal Comics, as well as in Dell's Four Color Comics before receiving its own title, Pogo Possum, in 1949. It was here, in the four-color world of comic books, that the feature and its characters grew and matured, ultimately becoming one of the world's most famous comic strips. - With Hermes Press' complete reprint of Dell Comics Pogo, admirers of this groundbreaking comics feature can now witness the strip's evolution, in an archival hardcover, digitally reconstructed to perfection. - This volume reprints the complete Albert the Alligator and Pogo Possum from Four Color Comics #105 and #148, and issues #1-4 of Pogo Possum.

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