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Hermes Press, started in 2000, is one of a handful of publishers which exclusively produces books and comic strip reprints focusing on the art and artists of the comics, cartoon and comic strips, pulp magazines of the 1920s and 1930s, art books covering science fiction, and popular culture.

Since 2001, when our first book was published, we have continued to grow as a company, expanding our catalog and content. We print an average of 20 new books each year and hope to see this number continue to grow. Our most popular titles include The Phantom, Dark Shadows, Johnny Hazard, and a variety of offerings by the late Frank Thorne. We also work with independent artists to bring to print titles such as Bear With Me, Abby Curled Up on a Roll, The Lazy Goth, and more.

San Diego Comic Con, which we have been exhibiting at since in 2001 (attending since 1999), is our only in-person event of the year. We love getting the chance to meet our customers in person and provide the opportunity for special meet and greets with guests. In the past, these guests have included Lara Parker (Dark Shadows), Jim Davis (Garfield), Trina Robbins (Babes in Arms, Gladys Parker), Rob Worley (Scratch 9), Bob Scott (Bear With Me), and more!

We look forward to creating more titles for you to enjoy – thank you for supporting us!

Hermes Press products are distributed to comic and specialty shops by Diamond Comic Distributors. Existing accounts can contact their customer service representative for additional information. To become an account please call new accounts at 443-318-8215

Hermes Press is an imprint of Herman and Geer Communications Inc. To contact us directly, please call (724) 652-0511 or email info@hermespress.com


  • Walt Kelly's Pogo Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

    2015 Nomination
    Best Archival Collection/Project—Comic Books (at least 20 Years Old)

  • Sky Masters of the Space Force

    2018 Nomination
    Best Archival Collection/Project—Strips.

  • Ditko Shrugged

    2020 Nomination
    Best Comics-Related Book

  • Gladys Parker

    2023 Nomination
    Best Comics-Related Book

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