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The Complete Jim Aparo Charlton Phantom


The Complete Jim Aparo Charlton Phantom; ISBN 978-1-61345-110-6; full color; 10 x 7.5 inches by 1 inch; 208 pages; deluxe hardcover with dustjacket and endpapers; All of Aparo's Phantom stories as well as covers (covers used with other artist's stories) together with a complete story shot from the original art, an extensive essay, documentary materials and more! Reprints seven complete stories; $60.

The great Jim Aparo, got his first big break with Charlton Comics and did stand-out work on The Phantom which garnered him praise throughout the industry. Now for the time all of Aparo's Phantom stories and covers are collected in one volume which focuses on this great artist's outstanding work on The Ghost Who Walks. In addition to containing his complete work on the character, seven stories in all, this volume also contains Aparo covers for stories created by other artists as well. To top it all off there are extensive selections of Aparo's original art on the feature as well as an extensive essay and documentary materials. Don't miss it!


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