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Hermes Press

Star Hawks: The Complete Series by Ron Goulart Hardcover

Star Hawks: The Complete Series by Ron Goulart Hardcover

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Hardcover: 344 pages
9" x 12" in Black & White and Color

On October 3, 1977, Star Hawks premiered and introduced newspaper readers to the best science fiction/action comic strip in the last thirty years. Star Hawks combined the talents of renowned science fiction writer Ron Goulart and famed comic artist Gil Kane. Kane was already one of the major talents in comic books having co-created the Green Lantern and The Atom at the beginning of the Silver Age. Kane, however, had always wanted his own newspaper strip and Star Hawks provided him with a vehicle to bring the sensibilities of comic book storytelling and design to newspaper strips. Star Hawks was the first daily strip to run in a two-tiered format, the normal size for a Sunday strip. Each daily installment of Star Hawks has the look and feel of a Sunday strip but presents the action more in the style of the best comic books. The strip ran for three-and-a-half years and has never been reprinted in its entirety. Hermes Press' Star Hawks The Complete Series reprints the entire continuity of 1252 strips which includes all of the Sunday strips.

Star Hawks The Complete Series, in addition to presenting all the Sunday strips in black-and-white, also presents sixteen pages of the Sundays in full color. The book has a Foreword by Ron Goulart together with a comprehensive essay about Kane's career. Numerous examples of original artwork used in the strip are also on display to explain Gil Kane's composition methods. The book is printed in a 9 inch by 12 inch landscape format and has 320 pages and has two 16 page color sections. Available as a trade paperback for $29.99 or as a hardcover for $49.99. The hardcover is printed in a limited edition of 1000 copies with special endpapers, a deluxe dust jacket, and is numbered with a special plate signed by Ron Goulart.

Comics Buyer's Guide Pick of the Month (August 2004) "...Hermes...provides a satisfying package. Goulart has always been noted for his combination of wacky situations, breakneck action, and inventive plotting...Kane was a master of drawing gorgeous women, heroic action and detailed futuristic settings. An excellent introduction provides background for the delightful saga of "the distant future...," - Maggie Thompson, Comics Buyer's Guide
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