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Hermes Press

Land of the Giants: The Complete Series

Land of the Giants: The Complete Series

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Hardcover: 208 pages
7.5" x 10" full color Portrait

After successfully releasing the first volume of the complete reissue of the classic Gold Key comics' television tie-in ofVoyage to the Bottom of the Sea and the complete The Time Tunnel, Hermes Press proudly announces the release of the complete re-issue of Land of the Giants.

The classic Irwin Allen television series tie-in comic book Land of the Giants returns in one complete volume collecting all five issues. Hermes Press' Land of the Giants: The Complete Series features stunning artwork by Lone Ranger artist and Silver Age great Tom Gill. In addition to the complete reprint of all the comic books, Land of the Giants The Complete Series features essays about the show, behind-the-scenes and never-before published documentary photos, blue-prints, models, design artwork, and more. Now for the first time in over forty years Land of the Giants fans can again read all the comic book adaptations of this classic sci-fi television show, completely re-mastered and looking better than when they were originally issued!
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