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Dark Shadows #28: Barnabas, Quentin and the Grave Robbers [Paperback]

Dark Shadows #28: Barnabas, Quentin and the Grave Robbers [Paperback]

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NOTE: Due to the increase of prices in paper around the world, we have had to raise the price of all of the Dark Shadows Paperbacks moving forward.

Dark Shadows the Complete Paperback Library Reprint #28, “Barnabas, Quentin and the Grave Robbers,”; ISBN978-1-61345-254-7; $14.99; written by Marilyn Ross; paperback; 6 x 9 inches; printed text; archival edition; twenty-eight in a series of 32 novels.

The original, classic, Dark Shadows books from the Paperback Library, return with Hermes Press' archival reprint of all 32 titles in the series beginning with the first novel which first saw print in December, 1966.

     The twenty-eighth book in this reprint series is titled “Barnabas, Quentin and the Grave Robbers.” Each book in the series was written by William Edward Daniel Ross who used the pen name Marilyn Ross.

“You see, Paula, how well it will work out. Lily will drink the blood of the village maidens -- and Barnabas will be blamed.”

Paula stared at the evil doctor in horror. "Whatever happens to Barnabas, you'll still have Quentin to reckon with!”

Dr. Bentley sneered. "The werewolf? If Quentin tries to interfere with me, I'll find a way to deal with him.”

Lily added, "Better come over to our side, luv.”

"I'd rather die," Paula said firmly.

"An interesting suggestion," Bentley remarked pleasantly. "Dying could be your first step in joining my company of friends -- zombies, if you will. Then you could be truly useful to me."

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