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February 22, 2018


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Walt Kelly’s Peter Wheat: the Complete Series Volume 2 is coming soon!

For immediate release:
Walt Kelly’s Peter Wheat: the Complete Series Volume 2 is coming soon!

Coming Summer 2018, it's Peter Wheat!

Walt Kelly's Peter Wheat the Complete Series: Volume Two; ISBN 978-1-61345-155-7; $39.99; paperback 192 pages; all color; All art and script by Walt Kelly; reprints issues 15-25 of the Peter Wheat comic books; in-depth essay to introduce the book.  Special "by order only" Diamond edition, hardcover with endpapers, printed laminated cover and dustjacket, to fit into your library with Hermes Press' Walt Kelly's Pogo The Complete Dell Comics Collection; ISBN 978-1- 61345-156- 4;  $60.
Walt Kelly's Peter Wheat comics are renowned for their humor, artistic flair and appeal to both children and adults.  The Peter Wheat comic books are extremely rare and have never been collected as a series before, due to their scarcity and rarity.  Between 1948 and 1951, Kelly drew thirty-five issues of The Adventures of Peter Wheat, a sixteen page comic book given away to bakeries to promote Peter Wheat bread.  The stories were fairy tales starring Peter Wheat, an elf-sized boy who lived in a hollow tree on the edge of a wheat field where he and the Little Folk battle Dragonel, Queen of the Hornets, and later The Wizard.
Continuing in their quest to reprint the rare and never before collected Peter Wheat, Hermes Press is proud to announce Volume 2 is in the works! Walt Kelly's Peter Wheat the Complete Series: Volume Two picks up where Volume One left off, starting with Issue #15 and continuing to Issue #25! Dragonel and Peter Wheat have just escaped from the Hornets and are exiled from the castle – they must now survive in the forest until the Hornet Knights are defeated!

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Here's a handy list of some of our newer titles that we currently have in stock!

Don’t miss out:

Bernie Wrightson Art Book Signing

Recently Tom Tataranowicz of Gang of 7 Animation organized an awesome signing of his book Bernie Wrightson: Art and Designs for the Gang of Seven Animation at the Dark Delicacies  bookshop in Burbank, CA. Tom sent us some wonderful photos of the event!

Photo: Tom T with the various signed plates from actors and artists who worked with Bernie Wrightson during his career, and copies of the Bernie Wrightson Book

Photo: From left: Steve Gordon (director, X-Men Evolution), Tom T, and Rich Arons (directorAnimaniacs).

Bernie Wrightson, comic book artist and illustrator extraordinaire has worked creating comic books, illustration, and conceptual design for film.  His impressive list of work includes the co-creation of Swamp Thing, illustrating Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, and, of course, working on dozens of comic book titles. 

     Wrightson’s extensive design work for the Gang of Seven Animation Studio, while known, has never been documented until now with the creation of this new in-depth monograph that utilizes the archives of the studio.  Marvel at concept drawings, model sheets, and hundreds of designs for projects including Biker Mice From Mars, The Juice, and Freak Show.  All of the artwork in this book has been scanned directly from the original artwork so fans can savior Wrightson’s genius up close and personal.           

       Also included in this monograph is an introductory essay, an in-depth interview, and photographs taken during his tenure as an associate partner of the studio.


For more information about the Gang of 7 Animation, visit http://www.g7animation.com/G7/Home.html


Jack Kirby’s Sky Masters of the Space Force has arrived at Hermes Press!

This just in:

 Sky Masters of the Space Force

Jack Kirby’s comic strip masterpiece is presented in an archival version featuring the complete dailies from Sky Masters of the Space Force.  Veteran scripters Dick and Dave Wood provided these late-1950s space/action adventure stories starring Sky Masters of the Space Force and his gang of intrepid followers which closely resemble Kirby’s work on Challengers of the Unknown (which was being published at the same time).   Kirby’s artwork is embellished by Wallace Wood and later by Marvel inker extraordinaire Dick Ayers.

     Sky Masters was created at the beginning of the space race — when who would get into space and to the moon first —was a national obsession.  The strip takes place in the not to distant future where the United States sends men into space but hasn’t ventured much further yet. The series in clearly anchored in the late 1950s/early1960s so it serves as a highly stylized period piece that still holds up very nicely.  The material used in this archival edition ranges from original art, to press proofs, to tear sheets, and boasts the best reproduction of the strip ever.

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Our publisher Dan Herman did an in depth promo of this book last month, check it out!
Buy it today!

Frank Thorne's Ghita has arrived! Make sure to Ghita it (ha) today!

This just in:

Frank Thorne's Ghita:
An Erotic Treasury Volume 1

In 1978, fresh off his run on Red Sonja, Frank Thorne went on to create the lusty warrior-goddess, Ghita. Imbued with the spirit of a mighty general, she would lead a rag-tag band against bloodthirsty armies, and along the way get in some tumbumping. This initial volume showcases some of Frank's earliest art of Ghita including her first appearance in the erotic epic "Ghita of Alizarr," early character designs, un-produced movie storyboards, the Wizard and Warrior Women portfolio, pin-ups, and covers. In this edition the artwork has been scanned from the original pages in color to ensure the closest reproduction!

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Our publisher showed off an advance of this book last month- check it out!

We have two versions of this stunning archival edition: 

While you're there, check out Frank Thorne's Battling Beauties!

Ghita it now!
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