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'Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney: How They Conquered The Third Reich' coming soon to Hermes Press!

For immediate release:
Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney:
How They Conquered The Third Reich

Coming Summer 2018!

Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney: How They Conquered The Third Reich by Carsten Laqua; ISBN 978-1-61345-166-3; hardcover, all color; 240 pages 8.75 x 11.25 inches; over 300 illustrations; $60; release in July/2018.
The first complete history of Walt Disney’s creations, beginning in pre-war Germany and ending with the impact of all things Disney in the 1950s.  Written by Disney historian, museum exhibition curator, and art dealer Carsten Laqua, this extensive history is based on a detailed study of the European Disney archives as well as with interviews conducted over more than a decade during the 1980-1990s. 
     Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney: How They Conquered the Third Reich explores the licensing and merchandising of Disney cartoons in pre-war Germany and then methodically relates the Third Reich’s formal and informal reaction to Mickey Mouse and Disney’s entire output of cartoon features  — from the use of Mickey Mouse and Disney characters in products, advertising and even as a moniker on German military vehicles and aircraft.
     This in-depth history also details Disney’s U.S. propaganda against the Nazis as well as delving into the ill-fated attempt of Disney’s employees during this period to unionize. 
      Packed with photographs, never-before-seen documentary records and products that were manufactured during the war in Germany.   The book concludes with influence of Walt Disney’s world of creations on post-World War II Germany.  Lavishly illustrated with over 300 never before published historic photographs.


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Sabrina Herman
Sabrina Herman


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