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We've got some great new pre-orders up, so make sure to grab them today!

As we're sure you know, The Phantom Avon Volume 2 just came out...but we're on a roll, so pre-order Volume 3 and Volume today!

For all those Jim Aparo fans...the time is upon you! Pre-order The Complete Jim Aparo Charlton Phantom, available soon for the first time ever in one hardbound edition!

We're also excited to announce our newest reprint: Sky Masters of the Space Force: the Complete Dailies 1958-1961! This exciting series was drawn by Jack Kirby, Wallace Wood, and Dick Ayers- pre-order your copy today!

And while we're announcing cool new items...We have a new graphic novel we're printing! These Machines Are Winning Presents: Slaves for Gods is our newest graphic novel, written by Jason Godi, Dylan Silvers, and Ryan Hartsell; art by Aaron Minier. Pre-order this sci-fi thriller today!

Be sure to check back to our website regularly for more exciting news! We've got some great stuff coming up soon!

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Looking forward to the next several volumes in the reprints (both daily and Sundays) of the Buck Rogers comic strip.
I’m getting up in age, and the pace on this particular reprint series seems to have slowed during the past 3 years.
I may not get a chance to re-read the 1954 – 1958 strips that were the center of my young universe at the time, and encouraged me to learn to read the way the Harry Potter books have done for a more recent generation of young readers. I realize that y’all need to make a profit. I’m not in the publishing business, but if there were a way I could contact any of the collectors who provide you these strips to republish, then maybe I can arrange to visit them and see these strips, independently of your republishing schedule. I believe that one of the “big 3” recently died; so I worry that they are no spring chickens, either.

bob gorby

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