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A Tip of the Ole Hat to Stan the Man

November 12, 2018

By Publisher Dan Herman About twenty minutes ago I got a call from our Managing Editor, Sabrina, who is always upbeat, but from her tone of voice I immediately knew something had happened. “What’s wrong?” I enquired,” And the answer came back, “Stan Lee just passed away.” Although Stan was 95 and had just gone through some very trying times, for some illogical, silly reason I never thought he would die. There are many opinions about Stan the Man; stories about who did what, what Jack Kirby did, who should get credit for a story, character, or idea, but it’s undeniable that without Stan the Silver Age never would have had the power and impact that it did and still does....

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Author Spotlight: Mother Goth!

October 30, 2018

(photo credit, Anginet Page) Mother Goth was busy preparing for her favorite night of the year, but we managed to catch her for a few brief questions...What's your inspirations for some of your spooky rhymes?All my poems are autobiographical. Mary Had a Little Beast? Me. The decapitated shepherdess in Little Bo Dead? Also me. The murderous unicorn in If You’re Stabby and You Know It? In truth, Stabby was one of my dearly departed husbands, but as they say, write about what you know… or who you kill. I’ll leave it to my dear readers to determine which is which. Who is your favorite author?Alas, poor Edgar. How I loved him. It was my crow that finally did him in. A word to the wise—crows do not...

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Halloween sale! Get 25% off until Wednesday!

October 27, 2018

Subscribe Past Issues RSS Translate It's almost here! (and that menas the sale is almost over!) 25% off with this code SPOOKY2018 Shop Now Halloween is coming! We're getting spoOoOoOoOky! We've got plenty of treats for curious readers here! Check out our titles! Start Shopping 25% off with this code SPOOKY2018 Shop Now And of course our spookiest pre-order ever! Mother Goth Rhymes, coming Summer 2019! And don't forget to support our KICKSTARTER! (Unfortunately the sale does not apply) Copyright © 2018 Hermes Press, All rights reserved. Want to change how you receive these emails?You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list. 

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Help Kickstart Ghita: An Erotic Treasury Volume II

October 26, 2018

Subscribe Past Issues RSS Translate Help us help you! We're joining the Kickstarter crowd for Ghita: An Erotic Treasury Volume II! Why Kickstarter? Ghita: An Erotic Treasury Volume I was VERY expensive to produce. It is a huge tome (over 17 inches long!) and because we are committed to quality, it has all the bells and whistles a Frank Thorne fan could want. However, we can't publish Volume II without help! If we are successful with this Kickstarter (and only then- if we don't make the amount needed you never pay a cent!) Hermes Press will publish the final volume of the Frank Thorne's Ghita and Erotic Treasury with the last two Ghita stories along with a bevy of extras....

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