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Garfield and Bernie Wrightson are coming as exclusives to the San Diego Comic-Con!

June 29, 2017

Announcing our SDCC Limited Editions Garfield & Bernie Wrightson: Coming Soon to SDCC! Jim Davis' Garfield: The Original Art Daily and Sunday Archive Limited Edition We'll be premiering Jim Davis' Garfield: The Original Art Daily and Sunday Archive, and providing those attending SDCC with a special, limited edition plate, suitable for framing, the comes with this SIGNED (by Jim Davis!) book! This is being offered in an extremely limited quantity, and is available ONLY at the show. You can pre-order online until July 12 to PICK UP at the show (details here). Bernie Wrightson: Art and Designs for Gang of Seven Animation Premiering at Comic-Con: the special limited edition of Bernie Wrightson: Art and Designs for Gang of Seven Animation...

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This week we'll be celebrating the second anniversary of our website! Get 35% off our ENTIRE inventory of products this week!

June 13, 2017

For this entire week, get an AMAZING deal! Use code AWESOME2017 to get 35% off everything! This week we'll be celebrating the second anniversary of our website- and we want to celebrate with you! Get 35% off Tuesday-Saturday with code AWESOME2017!If you're not sure what to buy...here are some PHANtastic (get it?) suggestions:If you haven't ordered it yet, we recently received The Phantom Dailies Volume 11! Pre-order Bernie Wrightson: Art and Designs for the Gang of Seven Animation Studio- featuring never-before-seen artwork!If you love cats, make sure to grab a copy of The Art of Jim Davis' GARFIELD! It's purrfectly sized for the discerning Garfield fan! Or pre-order the limited edition Jim Davis’ Garfield: The Original Art Daily and Sunday ArchiveAlso, coming soon...

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A Note from our Publisher on the passing of Adam West

June 13, 2017

“These are the good old days.” — Carly Simon from Anticipation   Every generation looks back on its youth and remembers “the good old days.” Part of it is nostalgia for what “was” as opposed to “what is.” But as the quote cited above points out, each generation will always look back and have the same hankering for things past. For me, the good old days are now known as the “swingin’ 60s.” This period was an extremely complex time in American history — it was the culmination of the “baby boom;” it was a decade of unbridled optimism; of experimentation; and exploration. The 1960s ended with an escalation of the Vietnam War, the deaths of Bobby Kennedy and Martin...

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An Interview with Sean Joyce

March 08, 2017

How has it been, working on The Phantom? Any surprises, or did you know what you were getting into with a character with so much history?     It's been both a great pleasure and equally challenging endeavor to work on the Phantom so far.  It's great because the Phantom is the original costumed comic hero and being so his ambiance and presents is replete with that stature. There is for me a tacit awareness of that specialness; there is a inescapable power that the Phantom has as a non super power super hero which he imbues. It has been a bit difficult understanding some of the mysterious repercussions of his mythological qualities like not being able to make eye contact when he is dressed as Kit;...

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