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Sy Barry Complete Interview

April 27, 2021

Daniel Herman: Let's start out by talking about when you heard King Feature's was interested in getting a new artist for The Phantom, how did you find out about that?   Sy Barry: Okay, what happened was another artist, Frank Giacoia, I don't know if you know that name —   DH: Frankie Giacoia, you mean one of the great inkers of the Silver Age – never heard of him. [laughing]   SB: That's right, never heard of him eh? [laughter] He did Johnny Rebb, Sherlock Holmes, you know. I helped him a little bit with those strips.   DH: Well, I mean you and everyone else because he was an inker not a penciler and he couldn't pencil on...

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Remembering Sean Connery: an Icon of the 1960s

November 04, 2020

by Daniel Herman   When anyone living in the 1960s heard the name “James Bond,” they immediately thought of one man, Sean Connery. Sadly, Connery passed away today at the age of 90. For many young (and older) men and woman of the “swinging” 1960s, Connery epitomized what was “cool” about pop culture. When he made the first Bond film, Do No, President Kennedy was quick to pick Ian Fleming's (for those of you who don't already know, Fleming was the creator of James Bond)From Russia with Love as one of his favorite books. Being Bond, though, was a struggle for Connery, the actor; as the character grew in world-wide fame and attention, he became bored with the public adulation...

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Our Publisher misses SDCC!

July 23, 2020

Wish we were there!  

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San Diego Comic-Con 2019 Recap

August 01, 2019

Wow! This year at Comic-Con we had an explosion of activity! From our always awesome panel to our guests signing at our booth, there was rarely a moment of quiet at Hermes Press this year...which is how we like it! Below are some of the candid (and not-so-candid) pictures of what we got up to at SDCC this year! If you weren't able to get Mother Goth Rhymes (the limited edition) at the show, we have some copies left over for purchase on our site! A shot of our booth before the show opened! We had a LOT of cool stuff! Kaz (Mother Goth Rhymes) signing her new book! You can see Stabby the Unicorn in the background! A selfie...

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